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China Dogs and Candle Sticks

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Barbara  Flintoff



In the First World War, my mother then Ada Scott lived in front street Carlin How. Each night before going to bed every one had to make sure their clothes were put ready in case of an air raid .My grandma also had the same ritual each night, the brass candle sticks and china dogs were wrapped up and placed under the bed just in case they got bombed. On hearing the siren it was a mad dash to dress and make their way to Skinningrove to the mine they stayed until the all clear was sounded when they could return home. On one occasion they arrived back home to soldiers outside the house there had been a bomb dropped nearby. They could not go in the house because of the damage but somehow or other grandma managed to get her candle sticks and dogs out of the house still intact .






With the men away fighting the woman had to take on some of the jobs at the works, my mother joined the woman on the belt sorting the rubbish from the ironstone .The photo is showing you what they were wearing to do the job.