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Skinningrove in the 1950s


The history group is collecting material that relates to life in Skinningrove in the 1950s. This is an important decade nationally as the country was recovering from World War Two and looking ahead to a safer and more prosperous future. It was also significant locally with the contraction of the ironstone mining industry; people growing up in this area in the 1950s are now near to or at retirement age and will be aware of significant changes in community life during the last 50 or 60 years.

If you have any photographs, documents or simply memories of living in the Skinningrove area in the 1950s that you wish to share with others please contact the history group by email, telephone or post.

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  1. My Book ” Yesterday’s Child deals extensively with life in the Grove up until !954. You have my permission to take extracts from it for use on your web site John Kennedy 35 High St

  2. Hi
    I wonder if anyone can help please. My lovely Grandpa, John Henry WOULD (pronounced WOULD), known as “Jim”, was living on the Coach Road at Brotton in the early fifties. He had worked at the Skinningrove works since he left school until he retired. Sometime in the fifties he was involved in a bad accident at work and had to move to lighter work and a cheaper house on High St, Brotton. I can find nothing about his accident or his time at Skinningrove abt 1913 – 1965 ish. Also my Uncles Earnest SUNLEY and Horace HORNER also worked there. Horace lost his legs but do not know if this was also a works injury. Does anyone have any knowledge of these gentlemen working at Skinningrove please? Many thanks Su

  3. Really liked what you had to say in your post, Skinningrove in the 1950s | Skinningrove History Group, thanks for the good read!
    — Tobias


  4. sheila wilson

    I have an old childrens encyclopaedia book belonging to William Holliday Stone Row Skinningrove, ring any bells with anyone??

    • Hi sheila my mams maiden name was holliday ,her father had a brother called william who lived in skinnigrove ,i do believe it could be him ,because most of the holliday family originated from around that area ??